The Great Divide

Tim Tam : I say again, Human, work that contraption and slide open the barrier! I wish to be outside. To hell with freezing temperatures! I have not properly prepared my body through these summer months to see it go to waste. Open or you shall feel a wrath unlike any since the Night of the Scarred Ankles!

Tucker : I like treats.  Do you have a treat?  Can I have a treat?  Oh!  Are we going for a walk?  You have shoes on.  We must be going for a walk!  I like treats.

The New Beginning

Thus begins the new

Over the years, I’ve toyed with a lot of things on this site – straight HTML, Frames, CSS, Java, etc. A while back, I grew tired of trying to maintain the normal page in favor of Blogspot. That worked out pretty good, but the site languished in 2005.

Today I’ve made the switch to WordPress. So far I like it. Part blog, part website. It’s incredibly simple and after seeing how others have used it, I’m hoping it’ll encourage me to keep updating on a daily basis. At some point I’ll import the old posts from, but that’ll happen later.

Expect a whole lot of changes in the next days and weeks. I’ll be playing around with the theme, widgets, and pretty much every aspect that I can find.