Drowning in Ink

*crawls out from under rough drafts*

I’m not dead yet! *looks at calendar* Though I can see why one would think that!

April was the last time I updated this? Holy crap. I guess I’ve been busy. So let’s break down the last few months here:

Grad School 

Mid-June, I headed out to Greensburg, Pennsylvania for my first grad school residency. Seton Hill is a very picturesque campus. They make a lot of references to Harry Potter and I could definitely see that.

Seton Hill

Aside from the view, I think I’m going to enjoy this program. Learned a lot in the sessions and met a lot of really neat people. I also got to finally meet my advisor – Maria V Synder (http://www.mariavsnyder.com/). She and I got along pretty well so I think it’s going to work out nice.

ne thing each of us students have to do is write up a contract for our writing. Basically this says ‘You will submit this much each month’. For me, I went simple at 20 pages. Those pages are then sent to my critique partners and my advisor, who have a week to turn around. (I in turn also receive pages that I have to critique so there’s a lot of work involved). When I got my feedback from Maria, I told Steph it was like the scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark where the Nazi’s open the Ark. My brain melted. All good though.

In a couple of weeks, my Readings in Genre (Classic Fantasy) starts up so I should take this opportunity to wave to my free time as it’ll be the last time I see it for a while.


Steph and I are training for yet another marathon. This time, Twin Cities up in Minneapolis. Because why not train for a marathon while also doing grad school?  We’re smrt. I suspect this will be the last one for a while.

Other Stuff

Work goes fine. Life goes fine, if not extremely busy. I’d say more but I need to save stuff up for my next blog post in another four months. 😛



So this happened …Yup – I’m going back to school. Specially, Seton Hill University’s Master of Fine Arts in Writing Popular Fiction.

A big change for a guy who graduated college 20 years ago but hey, why not? Getting a MFA will allow me to actually do something with that English major I picked up plus Seton Hill’s program has a lot of benefits.

First – It’s a low residency program. I only have to be on campus twice a year, each time for a week. Once in June and once in January. Everything else is done online, Skype, or via email. Which is pretty handy when you’re a person with a full time job.

Second – This MFA is about writing popular fiction. That’s science fiction, fantasy, horror, young adult, mysteries, or romance. Most MFAs are about classical literature or other subjects that to be honest, work for other people but not me. This one though? Tailored specifically for me.

The whole program should last about 2.5 years and by the end, not only will I have a masters but I’ll also have a completed book written (that’s actually a degree requirement).

So that’s what is happening. More info when I get it but right now, pretty excited and happy. 🙂


Grand Canyon, November 2016

A lot later than I would have liked but Imgur was being a jerk. Finally I gave up and just linked things off of Dropbox.

The summary of our trip : We headed down South Kaibab Trail (~7 miles) to the Bright Angel Campground at the bottom. We spent two nights down there and used our ‘off’ day to hike north to Ribbon Falls (~12 mile round trip). Then we packed up early in the morning and headed out via the Bright Angel Trail (~9+ miles). A lot of hiking but a lot of very cool scenery.

I’ve put a few pictures below but here’s a complete gallery (180+ pictures) of the trip – Grand Canyon trip.


South Kaibab Trailhead
South Kaibab Trail



Oh Ah Point
Our View for Lunch
Bright Angel Campground
Ribbon Falls



Bright Angel Trail (Hike Out)
Victory Over the Giant Hole In the Ground