Drowning in Ink

*crawls out from under rough drafts*

I’m not dead yet! *looks at calendar* Though I can see why one would think that!

April was the last time I updated this? Holy crap. I guess I’ve been busy. So let’s break down the last few months here:

Grad School 

Mid-June, I headed out to Greensburg, Pennsylvania for my first grad school residency. Seton Hill is a very picturesque campus. They make a lot of references to Harry Potter and I could definitely see that.

Seton Hill

Aside from the view, I think I’m going to enjoy this program. Learned a lot in the sessions and met a lot of really neat people. I also got to finally meet my advisor – Maria V Synder (http://www.mariavsnyder.com/). She and I got along pretty well so I think it’s going to work out nice.

ne thing each of us students have to do is write up a contract for our writing. Basically this says ‘You will submit this much each month’. For me, I went simple at 20 pages. Those pages are then sent to my critique partners and my advisor, who have a week to turn around. (I in turn also receive pages that I have to critique so there’s a lot of work involved). When I got my feedback from Maria, I told Steph it was like the scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark where the Nazi’s open the Ark. My brain melted. All good though.

In a couple of weeks, my Readings in Genre (Classic Fantasy) starts up so I should take this opportunity to wave to my free time as it’ll be the last time I see it for a while.


Steph and I are training for yet another marathon. This time, Twin Cities up in Minneapolis. Because why not train for a marathon while also doing grad school?  We’re smrt. I suspect this will be the last one for a while.

Other Stuff

Work goes fine. Life goes fine, if not extremely busy. I’d say more but I need to save stuff up for my next blog post in another four months. 😛


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