Ear Today, Gone Tommorow

If you haven’t heard from me this past week, don’t worry.  It isn’t anything personal. I can’t hear from me either.

As per the norm, I caught a cold right after the marathon.  This is something I expected.  When you beat your body up like that, the immune system is weakened.  Toss in sub-50 degree weather, cold, wet, damp, and nice strong winds coming off a big body of water and you’ve got yourself the perfect conditions for a cold.  So on Tuesday, the cold settled in and hasn’t left.

Unfortunately, and not per the norm, I lost hearing in my left ear.  Everything is dull and muffled, swallowing brings crackling sounds, etc.  I have to remember to make sure my left side isn’t facing people when they talk to me.  I even had some trouble with the right ear for a while but that faded away and I didn’t think much of it.

This happened to me once before when I flew back from my brother’s wedding while having a cold.  That cleared up after a couple of days.  This one has lingered for over a week and I started losing the right again this morning.  So off to the doctor I went.

Verdict?  No damage, no infection.  Just lots of fluid in the eustachian tubes.  Decongestants are the order of the day.  Oh, and it might take 2 to 3 weeks to clear up.


I said, PE … oh, forget it.

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Follow Us To Grandma’s

Grandma’s Marathon, that is.

You can follow our progress as we run.  None of this creepy stalker stuff.  Seriously, don’t do that.  It freaks me the hell out.

Any who … the advance of technology has infected Marathons but in a good way.  You can now track runners via text or e-mail as they progress through the race.  It sends out messages at miles 13.1, 20, and 26.2 so you won’t get spammed.  Grandma’s even has an interactive map (not sure how that works since it’s not live yet).  Just follow the link below to sign up for either:

2011 Runner Tracking

Matt – Bib #1058 – Goal: Sub 3:38 (previous PR – 3:38)

Steph – Bib #5713 – Goal: Sub 4:00 (previous PR – 4:43*)

Of course, if you live in Duluth or are nearby, don’t follow us via technology.  Get your butt out on the course.  Cheer us (and a few thousand others) on.  Give us some water.  Give us a ride in your car from miles 10 to 20.

Okay, I’ve been told that you can’t do that last part.  But the cheering does help.

* This PR is from an injury riddled race.  Steph spent 16.2 miles swinging her leg like a club in order to finish.  Efficient for gaining sympathy, not so much for running a marathon.

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Getting It Right – Where to Start


A rare post on writing in a sea of running entries.

For the better part of the past month I’ve been working on the synopsis for Genie Memories.  Long story short – torture, horror, despair, and new swear words learned as well as how to use them.

As much I hate writing this thing, I have to admit that it may have pinpointed a glaring flaw in the story.  A synopsis is supposed to be written in Third Person, Present Tense (regardless if the story is in First Person) and as I’ve been writing this, I’m finding myself having to do a lot of backtracking and Past Tense.

This leads me to the conclusion that maybe, just maybe, the story starts too late.  It may be necessary to add a couple of chapters about what came before.

I’m hesitant on this.  For starters, the opening chapter is quite good.  It’s got a strong hook and delves right into the action.  On the other hand, it begins years after several defining moments in the main character’s life, all of which are referred to in past tense by other characters throughout the story.  A couple of my Beta Readers made comments along these lines.

There are books that start in the present, then jump backwards.  One  on my shelf right now is The Clone Republic by Steven L. Kent.  Chapter One actually fits in somewhere in the last three or four chapters. It opens in AD 2510 and Chapter Two takes us back to AD 2508.  It works quite well.

In my case, I’d be starting 12 years in the past in Chapter One, skipping ahead another ten years in Chapter Two, and finally a few more years in Chapter Three.   I’ve already started sketching the outlines of the chapters and depending on marathon recovery, should be able to get them onto paper late next week.

Here’s hoping it works.

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